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. . . whatever is true, whatever is dignified, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, consider these things.
Philippians 4:8

At Grace Christian School, our goal is simple – spread before our students a feast of the beautiful and pure truths of God’s Word and His unfathomable creation, asking them to consider their own purpose as image-bearers of Christ, and then preparing them to lead their generation wisely.  Using a blended tapestry of classical and Charlotte Mason methodologies, your child’s God-given spark for learning will be ignited!

Language Arts

The middle school language arts program will emphasize the consideration of God’s truth as found in literature. Then, how can we communicate that truth through good composition?  Classic novels will be read and discussed to analyze human nature and its response to good and evil. Even in middle school, books will be read aloud to encourage understanding and enjoyment. Time will be spent learning how to plan, research, and write well.  Additionally, language usage will be taught in a practical and purposeful way by implementing daily editing. Vocabulary and spelling skills will grow as students take dictation of literary passages.  Cursive handwriting and typing will also be taught.


Nothing is more encouraging to watch than a student whose passion for knowledge has been sparked by intimately observing God’s creation. Our science curriculum will emphasize hands-on activities and labs – and getting out into nature as much as possible!  Again, students will immerse themselves in a science topic, becoming little “experts” that can speak knowledgably and wisely about it.  Lessons will be taught by an engaging instructor who is passionate about science!


As a whole school, at each level, our students will all study the same era in history, immersing ourselves in that time period by reading historical fiction and biographies, creating a “Book of Centuries,” completing special projects, studying original source documents, watching videos, taking field trips, and participating in classroom discussion.  By the end of an academic year, your student will have formed relationships to the men and women of that time, recognizing how their decisions have shaped our world today.  The history cycle will repeat every four years.


Math is generally the most difficult subject to keep students working at the same pace as a class. We’ve solved that problem by utilizing an online math program that allows students to work to the level of their ability.  For some, that will be zooming ahead and preparing for advanced math in high school. For others, that may be taking time to catch up and fill in the missed holes of concept understanding. A math instructor will be available to every student every day to answer individual questions.  Click here to see the math program that all GCS middle school students will use.  The level assigned to a student will be determined by preliminary testing.

Friday Feast

When we said “Feast” above, we really meant it! Every Friday will be spent “feasting” on the beautiful and praise-worthy works of art, music, and poetry. Students will participate in six-week studies of an influential artist, classical composer, and poet. They will become familiar with the style of these gifted men and women – and, in doing so, will recognize that we have a God-instilled recognition of the truly beautiful things in our world.

We will also spend time each Friday learning and having fun with “memory work” – things like map work, the timeline song, Greek/ Latin roots, culturally significant landmarks, and memorizing an entire chapter in God’s Word. By making this time fun, your child will hardly notice that they’ve retained huge amounts of information that many adults don’t even know.

Finally, on Fridays, we will have a time of “nature study” – getting outside to closely observe God’s creation – or bringing it inside to draw. Students should expect to encounter visiting animals, exotic plants, and plenty of STEM activities on a Friday afternoon!

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